About Us

We are Z & Z!!

We aspire to bring our customers the best and the cutest Japanese inspired products that can put a smile on their faces while fulfilling their needs. Our company’s purpose is for all of our hand-picked adorable products to be only a click away for our customers. Our love of travel and many visits to Asian countries sparked an interest in Japanese products. Every item we brought back home from our travels to China, got high praise and was in demand by the people around us, and that’s where the idea of creating a company that can make these products available for everyone came about. We are two cousins who migrated to this country as young adults and now one of us is an aspiring talented artist and a designer, and the other one is a mother of two. Our love for fashion and everything cute inspired us to come together as women entrepreneurs and grow as individuals. Our goal is to create a fun and pleasant shopping experience for our customers and hope that our cute products will make them happy.

Thank you for your support! <3